A study conducted by Dalbar sheds light on this divergence, revealing that mutual fund investors earned a modest annual return of just 4.67% over a 20-year period ending in 2016. Similarly, the average equity fund investor saw only slightly improved returns, with an annual return of 5.96%, while the S&P 500 surged ahead with an impressive return of 8.19% during the same timeframe. This notable performance gap underscores the potential risk to investors’ financial futures, highlighting the importance of exploring alternative strategies to achieve their investment objectives

The Separately managed accounts provide individual investors access to institutional-quality money managers at reduced account minimums.

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SMA Portfolio

Personalised Account

Each Customised Account represents a composite of model portfolios provided by Ouro Holdings, in which each composite reflects model portfolios of Ourofunds and third-party investment advisors selected by Paziah Assets Management Services. Because each client’s investment in a customised account is implemented and overseen by a third-party investment advisor serving as a “centralized portfolio manager,” Ouro Holdings provides no investment management services with respect to the customised accounts. 

“I value the distinctive and personalized touch they bring to managing my investments.”

John Stone

SMA Account Holder