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Spanning from well-established onshore markets to dynamic offshore possibilities, the breadth of expertise within our team encapsulates the entirety of the financial spectrum.

Superior Returns

Our clientele have achieved revenue returns uo to 98% over just a year, outperforming many industry benchmarks by a very significant margin. 

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Who are We?

Ouro Holdings operates as a prominent global investment manager, committed to serving the new generation of smart investors seeking access to stable offshore investment vehicles for long-term capital growth.

Our cutting-edge investment products, “ourofunds,” is at the forefront of the global fund management  paradigm shift, leveraging state-of-the-art technology and advanced investment strategies to meet the evolving needs of investors. Leveraging a resilient infrastructure and a team of skilled financial professionals of our partners, Paziah Assets Management Services, an asset management entity that delivers scalability from the Cayman Islands, Ourofunds is positioned to furnish institutional and retail investors with our indispensable investment vehicles tailored for the dynamic needs of today. 

Global Alpha Fund

The Ouro Global Alpha Fund - Standard: The objective of the Ouro Global Alpha Fund is to offer investors a combination of consistent income and stable capital growth. Invest in a diversified portfolio of secure assets managed by experienced traders, designed for short-term, consistent growth. Generate consistent returns and aiming finish every year with an average yearly ROI of 30%+

Dynamic Gold Funds

Ouro Dynamic Gold Fund - Standard: The Ouro Global Alpha Fund is designed to provide investors with a balanced blend of steady income and stable capital growth. Operating within a standard two-year cycle, this fund ensures consistent returns by disbursing monthly Return on Investment (ROI) to its investors. Employing an active management strategy, it maintains a diversified portfolio across various asset classes. A proven fund combining a diversified portfolio of safe and secure assets designed for medium-term capital growth. Generate consistent returns, aiming for up to average yearly ROI of 50%+.

Core Legacy Fund

Core Legacy Fund: This fund is engineered to provide investors with a blend of stable, consistent income and reduced volatility. Designed for investors who seek to achieve optimal long-term returns while embracing a carefully managed and conservative approach to risk. Consistent returns up to average yearly ROI of 70%+.

Fixed Income Fund

Distinguished as the Fixed Income Fund, its overarching objective is to secure sustained capital growth and income over an extended investment horizon of up to 3 years. Portfolio of precious metals, indices and currencies managed by experienced professionals. Enjoy consistent income and potential capital appreciation with a medium-term focus of 3 years and average yearly ROI of 24.5%+.

Stellar Growth Fund

Stellar Growth Funds is a fixed returns fund that safely builds long-term wealth with consistent income and potential capital appreciation. The fund's duration focus of 4 years and average yearly ROI of 36%+. This fund is dedicated to delivering enhanced cash returns within a medium-term timeframe through strategic investments across a diverse range of assets. Notably, investors with a preference for longer-term investment strategies are drawn to this option due to its extended duration and potential for superior returns

Absolute Return Fund

The Absolute Return Fund is a fixed returns option yet long term with a strategy that delivers consistent returns. Conservative growth with a medium-term focus of 5 years and average yearly ROI of 60.5%+. Notably, investors inclined towards more consistent returns often favor this option for its prolonged duration and potential for steady income streams.

The variable return funds form of the funds offer short-term consistent income and stable capital growth typically spanning a duration of two (2) years. Return on Investment (ROI) is disbursed to investors on a monthly basis throughout this two-year period.

Fixed return  funds deliver specific fixed and secure capital growth and income over an extended investment horizon of up to five (5) years. Investors with a preference for predictable longer-term investment strategies often gravitate towards these fixed return options for their longer duration and potential for enhanced returns.


The Rise of Smart Investors

The investment landscape has undergone a dramatic transformation, with traditional investment options failing to meet the demands of today’s investors. 

Investors are increasingly seeking alternative investment opportunities that offer a higher level of consistent profitability and stability, challenging the conventional norms of low returns and high risks. These investors are tech-savvy and rely on data-driven investment strategies. They are not afraid to take calculated risks and are always looking for new and innovative ways to invest their money. They understand the importance of diversification and are open to exploring different asset classes and investment strategies. 

Our funds pride itself on more than a decade-long track record, employing a long-term, high-conviction investment strategy. Focused on quality investments, our concentrated portfolios consistently outperform across market cycles. This unwavering commitment to sustained excellence ensures enduring value and superior returns for our investors. Ouro Funds aims to democratize access to offshore funds, allowing average investors to participate in investment opportunities that typically appreciate in value and provide portfolio security.



We function as traders in the commodities market by trading CFDs and futures. Our expertise and rigorous analytical framework and proactive market monitoring, enables us to navigate the complexities of the commodities market with precision and confidence, thereby delivering value to our investors while safeguarding their portfolios



Our forex trading team comprises of insightful experts who possess an in-depth comprehension of the financial markets. The team executes a meticulous approach that involves the application of both automated and manual proprietory strategies that are rooted in quantitative modeling and a nuanced perspective on fundamental data.



Our proficiency in indices trading is an amalgamation of cutting-edge strategy and technology, mathematical algorithms, and machine learning models. We execute our trades across various assets and protocols, implementing both high-frequency trading strategies, quantitative analysis, and high return algorithmic trading models. 


Precious Metals

The business of trading precious metals, predominantly gold and silver, is among the most significant and well-established areas of expertise at AG Magnates. Employing a market-neutral strategy, we relentlessly strive for maximum returns, without being influenced by the prevailing market conditions.

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