Trading Solutions

Ouro Funds is your modern global, alternative investment platform for steady returns. Offering a diversified approach to alternatives investing, seeking to provide broad exposure to several different trading strategies at the same time.

Seeks to efficiently capture a diversified set of classic hedge fund styles and deliver them to investors in a transparent and secure personalised account. Harness the complexities of global financial markets with disciplined strategic insight

We’ve created a particular approach to investment that we believe drives continuous improvement and opportunities for our clients, team and industry. With an experienced, accomplished team and advanced technology to create sustainable value.

We maintain exceptional standards and nurture open and continuous collaboration, aiming to deliver results with objectivity and humility.


… investing in your growth and progress!!

With the investment landscape under pressure, securing the future brings tough choices for investors. We believe the answer doesn’t have to be a trade-off. That’s why we’re committed to sustainable outcomes, without compromise, with the aim of driving long-term performance and positive impact beyond returns.

In the investing and trading world, there are big risks and there are small risks. But regardless of the size of the risk, no one wants to see their fund or portfolio take a significant hit. We are a large-scale global asset manager offering investment capabilities and styles across all major traditional and alternative asset classes, from active to passive and including a comprehensive sustainable investing offering.