Continual adaptation

We prioritize consistency and achieve high-quality returns through unyielding focus, dynamic adaptation, and active pursuit of market opportunities

Robust risk management

Our model operates within a robust risk management framework that is transparent and tailored to individual teams and their strategies.

Fresh perspectives

We bring together diverse perspectives and approaches to solve complex challenges on a global level delivering high-quality returns


AG Magnates International places a premium on the role of technology in enhancing investment performance. Our proprietary technology and tools, developed in-house by our engineering and quantitative research teams, enable us to stay ahead of the curve in identifying and capitalizing on market opportunities. We have a culture of innovation that encourages ambitious thinking and exploration of new approaches to investment management

Our commitment to excellence has enabled us to consistently outperform industry benchmarks and deliver strong, sustained returns for our investors. Over the years, we have forged partnerships with leading global institutions, supporting the development of innovative companies whose groundbreaking technologies and services are transforming lives around the world

Real Alternatives

Unlike stocks and shares, trading in commodities and forex is not dependent on the state of the economy but more on global supply and demand conditions. This makes trading in commodities and forex a much more predictable and less volatile form of investment than traditional assets

Wealth Building

For anyone company serious about wealth building and good portfolio management, trading currencies, commodities, and other securities can be a very profitable investment tool. This is especially true for the biggest banks and hedge funds in the world, which often rely on trading profits to bolster their bottom lines

“Profiting in all market scenarios is our ultimate goal”


Alternative investments provide a broad array of opportunities for uncorrelated return sources

Balanced Blend

Funds offer long-term capital growth with short-term gains, focused on capital preservation and return compoundin


Core 1

A global trading firm that aims to pursue diverse investment strategies

Core 2

Success by providing sophisticated resources and technology.

Core 3

A robust risk management framework tailored to individual teams and their strategies.

The Super Simple Strategy is the cornerstone of our success

Automated Trading Systems

  • Advanced technological infrastructure
  • Automated execution of trades
  • Real-time monitoring and analysis of markets
  • Speed advantage in executing trades

AG Magnate's investment philosophy is diversification. The company believes in creating a diversified portfolio of investment products that can generate sustainable returns over the long term. Consistency-Innovation at the forefront of our diversification drive to create sustainable superior risk adjusted returns always